paint and craft instruction parties

Book Your Event!


1. Select a date and time.  Weekday, weekends, daytime, or evening are all possible.  Contact me for availability!

2. Decide on a venue and what you would like to include.  Some places and events allow alcohol, others do not.  Some events include snacks, others do not.  It is entirely your choice!

3. Decide upon your price per painter and how many spaces you can/are hoping to fill.  My fee is $20 per person- anything charged above that price is pure profit for your business or organization.  Most events range from $30-$50; you know what your area and audience are willing to spend.  I can accommodate groups of up to 80 people.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events require a minimum of 10 paid spots or $200 total.  High demand dates may require a security deposit at booking which will be credited towards event.

4. Select your picture.  Upon confirmation of date and time, you will receive a link to our online catalog of images to choose from.  Pick your favorite and we will make it happen!  If you want something you don’t see, let me know and I will create or find it for you!

5.  Sell spaces for your event!  Once you complete step 4, I will make a poster for your event (if desired) and email it to you.  I will add your event to the Created By site and facebook page to help you promote your event.  You can hang posters or spread the word any way you choose to help fill up your spots.  It is that easy!

Corks & Canvas was started by artist, Heather Butler, in 2015 to provide a fun, social painting experience for everyday people.  Heather currently holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Shippensburg University, and has been teaching painting events for several years.

With Corks & Canvas parties, no art experience is needed for any of the events.  Step-by-step instruction is provided to help each attendee create their own masterpiece!  Participants will leave with an original work of art and a new found talent they will want to explore.